Yakuza (Naruto Yaoi Fic: M!Reader Insert)

Yakuza (Naruto Yaoi Fic: M!Reader Insert)

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Yakuza (n): a Japanese Mafia or Gang

*Sasuke didn't leave*

Slightly Modern AU: [Male Name] Tenma is the son of Ketsueki Tenma, who is the boss of the Tenma-kai. Tenma-kai is a family of mobsters, one of the most brutal in the Land of Fire. When Naruto and the others gets involved with a battle between property, they are forced to be under protection, in order to live. [Male Nams] and his friend/advisor Hanzo are shoved into a wave of foreign emotions as they learn to adapt to normal people. While time flies, [Male Name] takes notice of the new emotions he starts to uncover the more he spends time with Konoha 11.

(Harem Multiple Endings)

kawaiigurl101230 kawaiigurl101230 Aug 31, 2016
Is M/n a ninja or just a regular dude who works with mafias?
cocochanael cocochanael Dec 18, 2015
In a show called Archer there's an Asian criminal organization called the Yakuza too so this is cool
ObsessedPandaLover ObsessedPandaLover Dec 03, 2015
I hope I never become a prostitute I'd rather be stripper.  DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT
- - Nov 02, 2015
my soul has left my bodyy
                              i was not ready for that lime! >_<
- - Nov 02, 2015
I'm so amazed about me and scared too~
                              loving the story so good so far-- it really freaking aMAZES ME, like, first paragraph and I was smiling like crazy! e_e
KuraiKatsune KuraiKatsune Oct 21, 2015
Hehehe~ I just knew that Ace, or rather (m/n) is going to use the opportunity.  (ง ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)ง Nailed it! I already love the story(*^3^)/~♡