To Flee a Planet

To Flee a Planet

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BetweenTheseWorlds By BetweenTheseWorlds Updated Dec 28, 2016

Some people say that the discovery of Vesta saved mankind. 
Some say Vesta ruined it.
I have never known a time without it. 


Rune has felt like a prisoner all her life, trapped on a planet that rescued mankind when Earth was destroyed. Vesta is their new home, the new planet earth, and the seventeen-year-old girl has never known someplace else, leaving her with a bitter aftertaste of what-could-have-been.
Longing for an actual taste of this planet and freedom, she starts to show signs that mark her as a Rebel, risking everything she stands for.
Join her as she discovers more about her world, how she plots to flee from it, and who will catch her when she falls.

[TOP RANKING: #133 in sci-fi]


This is my first book on Wattpad, respect my imagination and don't copy, but most of all, enjoy the story!