Hey Roomie| Deadpool x reader

Hey Roomie| Deadpool x reader

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It started off as a normal day, except for the gunshots that sounded from the neighboring building. 
You had just got out of shower, slipping on your under garments and jogging pants. It was your day off and you were planning on relaxing in your apartment. You were about to put on your shirt when an explosion shakes your apartment. 

"The heck?" You huff, stepping out of the bathroom after dropping your shirt.

You look over at the smoking gaping hole in your wall. 

"What the cheezits?" You repeat, stepping toward it. A shape appears from the smoke and someone crashes into you, making you fall onto your back.                     
Their face rested between your breast. 

"Soft," he comments. You push the face away, too shocked to speak. 

"Well, gotta go!" He chimes, leaping to his feet. He begins to dash out the room but stops briefly, 

"Those are nice by the way!" He calls over his shoulder before disappearing out of your room and apartment. You blink a...

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Mizuki0625 Mizuki0625 Feb 01
                              (If you don’t get this you can’t be my friend)
-_-_-Tord-_-_- -_-_-Tord-_-_- 3 days ago
that face reminds me of my older sister when I walk in the bathroom and she's constipated
*holds index finger up* Actually, not sexy. Not. At. All. I'm artistic, intelligent, an occasional perfectionist, and super bossy. All the things a sexy person absolutely isn't. Well, a lot of 'em are intelligent, I'll give 'em that.  :)
YesImAKid YesImAKid Feb 05
The irony is deadly (Ironman and Deadpool references kill meeeee)
I’m not sexy *eats old fruit loops that I found in the ground*
Anybody got a good ringtone suggestion I need a new one and don't have any saved on to the phone's drive