Sweet Submission

Sweet Submission

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Mira Heart By MiraHeartWild Completed

Skyler Sweet is a young man with a sad past. Skyler is finding his way back into the world of BDSM after mourning the loss of his Dominant and Husband of 3 years. He is still not healed from the heartbreak of Henry's death. But he wants to move on and learn to live again. He enters the Room, a local BDSM night club, to find his way back to himself and his own happiness. 

The Dominants at the Room are seductive and alluring. But even more than that, they are kind and understanding, and above all protective. 

Can Skyler find himself here? Can he piece himself back together with the help and guidance of the house Doms?  

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18+ mature content
Boyxboy and bdsm content

This is a Safe Sane Consensual BDSM book. 

this book is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle completed and edited and polished

PINEAPPLEOPOLIS! for go and ORANGETASTIC for go there is no stop :) I have problems😂
drauo1998 drauo1998 Jul 08
Then why are them in a place where there obviously could be gay people (lusting)?
Hadesworld Hadesworld Jul 25
It was so beautiful and sweet, I did not expect it, thank you for that.
13purdyGirl 13purdyGirl May 18
i bought this through Amazon and have to say i freaking love what i have read yet <3
OzMuzic98 OzMuzic98 Sep 03
Wow! Makes me wonder what a masochistic sub would feel when going through a scene.
I_am_Zara I_am_Zara Sep 11
Well someone is good with their tongue 👅👅👅👅👅
                              Probably can locate the female spot real good.
                              Gosh straight guys need lessons from gay guys in using their tongue.
                              Matter of fact 90% straight guy need to watch FINDING CLITORI.