Dark Temptations: A Niall Horan Imagine

Dark Temptations: A Niall Horan Imagine

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Leah Horan♥ By spinthecurlyboy Updated Sep 12, 2015

Even the kindest people have something dark to hide. 

Take Me Home has been released, and One Direction is ready to celebrate their success. Niall Horan and 17-Year-Old [Y/N] had been waiting for over a year for this night. 

But when roads start to take an awful turn, all hell breaks loose. Knocked out and unconscious, [Y/N] is taken from the party and has no memory of how she got where she was. 

Her kidnapper is not just any stranger from the street. Someone from her dark and forgotten past has caught her and not just for any reason. [Y/N] has something they want. Something that she would never have thought possible. 

[Y/N] will go to extremes to break out. Niall will have to make sacrifices of his own to bring her back into his life. It could mean life between death for the both of them. Will he be able to do it? Or will Niall have to give [Y/N] up for her own good?