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Beatles REACT

Beatles REACT

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#LoveMeSomePastel By MissMaccaSunshine Updated 10 hours ago

Hello WattPad!
I'm a huge fan of The Fine Brothers REACT series on YouTube. So I thought why not take the premise for their show, add a little Beatlemaniac spin on it, and upload the story you're about to read? The Beatles will be reacting to anything and everything! :D

(New updates every week!)
(Open to requests and submissions!)

Imagine Paul as a member of their group just wearing a skirt. He can replace Camila now.
heytherepol heytherepol Jan 02
                              (( i wouldn't mind if he twerked tbh ))
Isn't it two now? I thought that Niall left. And if Paul joined then I'd love them.
I was reading this in school and my friend walked over and asked me 
                              Friend:You okay?
                              Me: *looks up slowly* No...