Live Love Heal

Live Love Heal

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voldemort By aidahqirat Updated Sep 09, 2016

"Let's see what the problem is please remove your shirt." I instructed the patient sitting on the couch before me.
"So soon Doc? I feel like we should get to know each other first!" He replied with a crooked smile which I'm sure drove a lot of women crazy.

Dr Kaia Mansoor knew his type well.
Arrogant, cocky, self obsessed with a leather jacket and a cute smile. And an Army Officer on top of it. He was the kind of man mothers warned their daughters about. 

Captain Sajid Raza was used to women tripping over themselves when he was around. A single grin and he had them wrapped around his finger. 
But Doc was different! With her pink sneakers and that sharp tongue she told him exactly what she thought of him. 

That's the kind of women you cherish not mess around with. And that's what he did!

Irrespective of the initial hatred between the two of us Sajid and I became best friends.

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havefaith96 havefaith96 Feb 03, 2016
I'm very very curious on how they'll spend thid six months and how she'll come to love him completely
SM43834 SM43834 Sep 09, 2016
Lmao, we all learnt that by now. Even if it was a guy who didn't know you loved them in the first place, they say one word and crush u to bits. Same goes with some girls
SM43834 SM43834 Sep 09, 2016 least you spent 6 months together 😂😂😂 some people don't even get one
ninja54 ninja54 Jul 23, 2016
How is it possible that you put me through a whole emotional rollercoaster one chapter in???
- - Dec 02, 2015
Always a captain.. if he is major he is too old if his a lieutenant too young.. :v
                              And i want this captain 8|
silent_ninja_dfc silent_ninja_dfc Nov 03, 2015
I don't care if you are a doctor or anything. 
                              He is mine!  *jabs a finger at you*