Utopian Flaw (LGBT)

Utopian Flaw (LGBT)

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Camille By HikariMelody Updated Sep 28, 2013

Andre Davis is your regular seventeen year old boy. He has two best friends, a girlfriend, and goes to school. Well, he's not quite normal for he's super rich and is crushing on another guy. The thing is, he doesn't know that second part yet.

In his world, it's illegal to be homosexual and if you have sex with someone of the same gender, you will get a full body tattoo of thick black lines and swirls. They are known as the Devil's Tattoo by most.

For the past few months, Andre has been having nightmares that he can't remember and each time, he remembers a little bit more of them and they are all about blood and death.

When Andre meets a girl with the Devil's Tattoo, he feels compelled to help her. What he doesn't realize, is as soon as he helps her, he loses everything he once owned. But that doesn't mean he's alone and has nothing. He's just starting a whole new life with his eyes finally opened to the lies his government tells them all. Along with the government after his head. *Warning: Boy x boy and girl x girl moments and couples.*

  • bisexual
  • boy
  • corrupt
  • corrupted
  • flaw
  • gay
  • girl
  • government
  • hate
  • homosexual
  • illegal
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • love
  • overcome
  • pansexual
  • polysexual
  • rights
  • shojo
  • shonen
  • society
  • tattoo
  • tattoos
  • trans
  • transgender
  • utopia
  • utopian
  • yaoi
  • yuri
Made_of_Molasses Made_of_Molasses Oct 26, 2011
@HikariMelody Yeah I got that, I just thought it was a weird coincidence.
                              Yeah, please do. Then we can become wattpad buddies and give each other advice. 
                              I hope you do too!
HikariMelody HikariMelody Oct 26, 2011
@Made_of_Molasses Well, Luck is his last name. He's Luke Luck. :D (Journey refers to him as Luck and Luke's twin, Markus, as Luck's clone.)
                              But that story sounds cute. I'll have to check it out sometime.
                              I hope to have time to update it soon.
HikariMelody HikariMelody Oct 25, 2011
@Made_of_Molasses Ohmigosh! Thank you sooooo much! <3 How much of it did you read? Got a favorite character? :DDD Yeeeeeeeee!
Made_of_Molasses Made_of_Molasses Oct 25, 2011
Oh my god, this is awesome. I'd been waiting for a good LGBT story.