The Step Brother (Old Version)

The Step Brother (Old Version)

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Lillian Grant By gemofanivory Updated Dec 03, 2014

Elena used to have the perfect, loving relationship with her step brother, Mason, when they were younger.  But now their relationship is anything but normal and perfect.

When Elena has to stay with him for an entire year, things start to change, once again.  All her handsome step brother has ever wanted was to love her and care for her, but in anything but a brotherly manner.

Hey this story is pg-13 and kind of serious.  Have fun reading it! :)

firzie04 firzie04 Jun 15, 2016
This is actually a really good story... I'm really impressed
Fiataua Fiataua Sep 18, 2016
It was creepy. It give such a sinister feel. What happen between her and Mason that turn things this way? What darkness does Mason posses within himself? It's so intriguing I can't wait to find the answers. Great job with the suspense and thrill.
ktavaglione ktavaglione Aug 29, 2016
I'm hooked. 
                              But, I'm naively hoping whatever he did is forgivable...
dililahbacall dililahbacall Apr 28, 2013
very good start.  It has a very distressing and sinister vibe to it.  It appears to be a very serious story, but you capture lots of emotions and deep, well routed thoughts.  Can't wait for more. In the meantime, happy wattpading.  Keep on keeping on! ; D
gemofanivory gemofanivory Apr 25, 2013
@ReeAhh Oh thanks so much!  This is my first ever wattpad story and it's really awesome to know someone likes it!  Well, thanks a ton! ;)
NeinAiko NeinAiko Apr 24, 2013
Nawhhh want more lol....but its quite intresting their relationship they share is kind of intriguing i must say.
                              But soo far sooo good keep it up, because im adding this into my book collection for wattpad.