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Chasing Mia

Chasing Mia

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HavenStiel By HavenStiel Updated Dec 15, 2016

The door swung open with a rush. I looked up from magazine and smirked as a woman rapped her arms around Killian's neck. They started tearing at each other's clothes, but before they went too far I cleared my throat, bringing the soon-to-be-sex-scene to a hault.
  "Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my office?"
  "Still a snot nosed brat I see." I yawned as I flipped to the next page.
  "Exuse me?" There was anger laced in his words.
  "You heard me Killi." The nick name silenced him, and I knew it would. He hated the name, and I was the only one to use it.
  A woman on leave, 
  A man fighting the feelings that once tore is heart to shreds.
  And a flame ignited that was once hidden.
  Mia Renée and Killian Cross share a past, and that's it. Their lives had gone in complete opposite directions, the moment Mia decided to follow in her father's foot prints. Now everything is colliding. Mia is facing the darkness that has always haunted her and Killian is up against the pain of his past. Their problems are mixing, and the flames that once were are raging. Both are strong, but someone might be getting burned; destroyed by the darkness the other possesses.

Blood_N_Roses Blood_N_Roses Feb 16, 2016
Hm..i like both picuters..but i think the right one is more suitable for mia..coz i am picturing her as a badass chick..not cute,sweet and naive pick the right one✌✌ oh and i love ur far so good cant wait to read next chap
EnchantedPrincess96 EnchantedPrincess96 Sep 12, 2016
wow...i love how u write dis story...
                              for mia, i also think she should be the first... ;)
Sapphire1326 Sapphire1326 Jan 22, 2016
I'm just laughing at the fact that Lucian didn't say a thing when she called his son a brat
awesomewolf16 awesomewolf16 Nov 05, 2015
That's awful! What I do, is write the chapter somewhere else other than Wattpad, then when it's done, put it in and publish it. That way, u can have multiple copies
awesomewolf16 awesomewolf16 Nov 05, 2015
Lol I loved the last part when she realizes Lucian was there the while time xD