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Different ~ Larry Stylinson (Hybrid!Harry) (CANCELLED IN 2014)

Different ~ Larry Stylinson (Hybrid!Harry) (CANCELLED IN 2014)

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♛ callahan♛ By Dejected_Iero Completed

Harry is a cat hybrid with a dark past. He doesn't really trust anyone, not after what happened when he was younger.  His parents hated him, thought he wasn't good enough, being only half human. Always locked him up in the basement and well, treated him like an animal.  He now lives a normal life, well as normal as you can be, being half cat. He hides his ears under his curly hair and stuffs his tail in his trousers everyday so no one will find out his secret. You see, he used to be stuck in a special lab that his parents sent him to, where he was tested everyday. He ran away from that place when he was only 17.  Louis is just a regular school teacher who happens to meet Harry when he becomes one of his students. Will he find out Harry's secret? Will he treat him differently? Will he pull him out of hiding and send him back to the lab again?

Ohhh look! Nicknames cute♡ It went from subject 6 to 6....
                              I mean they are basicly married now...
I was a clingy child. I don't know why but I never trusted men as a baby. I didn't like them. My hair was lighter and I had grey eyes. I was great at reading and learned to absorb information fast. 
                              Math, however, no.
                              Fail in that department.
"I don't know a knife to stab you with would be nice."
                              "We don't always get what we want."
                              "Speak for yourself bitch I got my knife from the kitchen."
Dejected_Iero Dejected_Iero May 20, 2014
@SelenaAlexisSparkels awh omg, you're so sweet! Thank you! xx
SelenaAlexisSparkels SelenaAlexisSparkels May 20, 2014
Your stories are amazing and I love them so much and I think your a really talented writer and I can't wait for you to post the sequel to this story and to make more. I love Larry Stylinson fan fictions and your versions made me love them even more!
Dejected_Iero Dejected_Iero Apr 20, 2013
@AChocolateCoveredGun Penelope? I haven't seen that in years OMG! Hahahaha I need to watch it again.