I'm Not a Puppy

I'm Not a Puppy

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Mr. Leafy Vegetable By JoeyCross Updated Feb 20

"Sometimes following your heart, means losing your mind."
I was always a small wolf. Really small. People often called me fox because I was so small. I understood the danger, I couldn't run like the others, I couldn't howl like the others. I couldn't survive like the others. It was a sensitive topic for me. I often blew up about it and demanded everyone stop treating me like a baby. This was my mistake...

I got lost in the woods. I was barking and howling and doing anything to get their attention. I got the attention of some humans. Too fast everything went and now I find myself petted and collared in some boys bedroom. 

Can I also mention that it's my mate's room?

And that he's human?

____YOOOO DISCLAIMER i'm going to update rarely because stuff is going on in my life and I don't even know how to get to where I want to go with this story. I recommend reading if you watched a scary movie and want some fluff.

QUeeN_BethY QUeeN_BethY Jul 10
I love it so far, and I have never come across another story similar to this<3 <3 <3
harleywager72 harleywager72 Jul 06, 2016
This is a really cool idea for a book...I really like it so far