MaNan ff- I've always loved you!

MaNan ff- I've always loved you!

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Radha By TheTeenKid Updated 3 days ago

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A hearty thanks to @SilentWarriorx for the superb cover!!

This story is insanely close to my heart so would hope that you make sure to drop atleast one comment stating your experience of the tale.
It begins with our MaNan teenage life in school!
Nandini is madly in love with Manik because she considers him to be her only best friend who will always stand by her no matter what. 
But she is heartbroken when she comes across an alien-like Manik who is nowhere close to her bestfriend. 
She tries to move on but fails miserably.
Will she be able to move on?? 
Or maybe
Life has something else in store for her??
Join in to witness another Roller-coaster ride of our favourite MaNan. 
You might just consider it to be another stupid story but I can assure you my friend that there is alot of drama in store.
So hop on!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

TheTeenKid TheTeenKid Dec 03, 2015
Ya of talking their bestie relationship then I totally agree with u babe...
                              But the story demands sumthing else.!!
Tviisshh Tviisshh Dec 03, 2015
But MaNaNRads don't u think Mukti and alya bond is more like us? Tho I know the main plot has to be around Nandini, but stilll❤️
TheTeenKid TheTeenKid Nov 30, 2015
Ofcouse Tviisshh!!  They r jst like us, aren't they.
                              Jst wait n watch baby
Tviisshh Tviisshh Nov 30, 2015
Plzzzz write more about Mukti and nandani's soul sister bond.. I would love to know more about them.. Of course Manan toh hai hee❤️
TheTeenKid TheTeenKid Oct 25, 2015
Thnxxx for voting and showing interest. Well the reason for Manik's ignorance will b revealed later. Till den stay tuned.
RimshaRizwan RimshaRizwan Oct 23, 2015
I really liked d concept. Waiting to read more. 
                              But Y is manik ignoring nandu?