The Bullies (BTS,GOT7 Fanfic) ~EDITING~

The Bullies (BTS,GOT7 Fanfic) ~EDITING~

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٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و By Shadow_Cat10 Completed

Yoo Mi once had a fun time in her old school. But it all ended when her parents, friends left her. Her family and friends were her everything but now it was gone. 

Moving into her grandparents's house then secretly moving into her own apartment. Just when she thought everything would be back to normal in her new school. It was just as worse or maybe even more worse than her old school. 

Will everything turn out okay? Or will it only get tougher?

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Bonkers_Is_Annie Bonkers_Is_Annie Sep 06, 2017
Either way he would've broken it. I mean he isn't called "the god of destruction" for no reason.
gelu070919 gelu070919 Apr 10, 2017
this is my first time to read it because I just saw this book yesterday and to me its kindly interesting...
Me:*calls woozi* Woozi:*chases the guy with his guitar* Me:*calls Joshua*Joshua: You need Jisoos
If they fall in love I’m going to be happy because I rarely see Jin ff
Is it just me.... or do you imagine Sakura screaming for Naruto when Pain attcked
I started crying bc I thought about the same thing I have a necklace that opens and it has my friend in it😭