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Another Dimension.. {Vampire Knight & Fairy Tail crossover}

Another Dimension.. {Vampire Knight & Fairy Tail crossover}

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Alli By Alli_Pandi Updated Nov 22, 2016

{Vampire Knight x Fairy Tail crossover}
[OC Insert]
Kyoko Kuran. That's her name, also sadly being Yuki Kuran's twin sister. 
Her  parents had always hated the young girl, seeing that they only wanted a daughter and a son.
They called her names, abused the child and even used her as a blood bank.
Her siblings, her twin hated her with all her heart, her brother, was a reason that Kyoko tried her best to stay alive, for him.
He did everything to make her happy until one day.
That day, everything changed.
When Rido Kuran attacked, the young girl took it as an opportunity to escape.
Then she ran far away, and somehow fell into a portal, the impact was very hard for the young Vampire and her fragile body and passed out on the ground.
Upon waking up after the fall, the young girl wondered the place she was in. It didn't look like the area where she lived in. She then put the pieces together, she was in another dimension!
She also accidentally encountered a dragon with its name being Rize. 
She then took Kyoko in along with her husband, Kyoto.
The young girl soon discovered that they were the king and queen of dragons.
The dragons raised Kyoko as if she were their own child, until that one day..
They had abandoned the young girl along with her exceeds, the day after the girl's seventh birthday.
She then left the cave she called 'home' for the past few years and went on a journey.
Stumbling upon a guild called Fairy Tail, the headmaster took her in and made her a part of Fairy Tail.
What happens when Kaname, the night class, Yuki, Zero and headmaster Cross fall through a portal on the way for a vacation?
Will our dearest Kyoko forgive Kaname and Yuki?
Or even worse, males in Fairy Tail along with some Vampires in the mix fall for Her?
Who will our dear heroine pick?
**This is a Vampire Knight and Fairy Tail crossover. The idea is purely made up by me. I do not own VK nor FT. All characters belongs to their rightful owners except for my OCs**

Yui be like "hehe no ore-sama now huh?" Laito be screaming in the mansion "AYATO IS A CATTTTTT"
eminArevoL7102 eminArevoL7102 Apr 30, 2016
HAAA!! Why is Oreo-sama is here? GO BACK!! to you're World Oreo-sama ................................................................................................................................................................ pls. -_-'
cryssilewis cryssilewis Aug 22, 2016
So they are trying to make this Kyoko girl take Yuki's place that will never happen because the only person Kaname loves is Yuki. And Juri and Haruka are not mean and only has 2 children, Yuki isn't mean either
CieloSora27 CieloSora27 Aug 27, 2016
*sigh* dude just--
                              Just make sure you do ..hmph..
                              (Author-san your making me frustrated)
Zoreos_Oreos Zoreos_Oreos Jan 30, 2016
So like they abuse her then they say SORRY!!!! SRSLY?!?!
                              Wow bad parents
perfect_nightmares12 perfect_nightmares12 Apr 07, 2016
Everyone's saying diabolic lovers , what about Tokyo ghoul?! Ayato is there too!!