Secondhand Girlfriend

Secondhand Girlfriend

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Tey By planomania Completed

"Curiosity kills the cat, darling, but I guess I'm already dead."

Love, who has time for it, certainly not Kieran Lane. Being a seventeen year old male, you aren't exactly looking for the love of your life at the moment, and he didn't. More or less, she found him and they live happily ever after, or they try to. Obstacles the size of ex-lovers seem to block their path to happiness, and it seems like they won't be getting around it. Then again, life has a funny way of doing things.

cover credits: @intenality

highest ranking: #93/teen fiction

bIuemgc bIuemgc Nov 10
Omg I now have a crack in the corner of my screen and I was literally about to cry when I first saw it because I have never cracked a screen in my life
tha_bvstard tha_bvstard Nov 25
I walk like that and my auntie was like "Do you have self esteem problems."
LORT!  Let us pray. Because if that was me- Nah I ain't that stupid to say that to my momma😂 no ma'am🙅
niah_lovee niah_lovee Nov 26
OMG I feel the same way. These Lil boys stay catching feelings , but I don't want them 😕
mlgvet18 mlgvet18 Oct 13
If I said this I wouldn't be sitting here typing this today lol