David Tennant Requests

David Tennant Requests

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✨ ray ✨ By HipsterTennant Updated Nov 24

Would you like a quick drabble on something about David Tennant and many of the parts he has played? Well, you've came to the right place! I will write anything, for example: fluff, angst, smut, and etc.

Characters I will be writing:
• David Tennant
• Alec Hardy (Broadchurch)
• Kilgrave (Jessica Jones)
• Peter Vincent (Fright Night)
• Campbell Bain (Takin' Over The Aslyum)
• Donald and Roderick Peterson (Nativity 2 Danger Over The Manger)
• The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
• Barty Crouch Jr (Harry Potter)
• James Arber (The Decoy Bride)
• Aiden Hoynes (The Politician's Husband)
• Casanova (BBC Casanova)
• Doug McLeod (What We Did On Our Holiday)
• Will Burton (The Escape Artist)
• Chris (Learners)

Just request in the comments and I will do them! I will have them written as quick as possible and tag you in them. If you want a private request, just message me to do it anonymously. ^~^

Reminder: I cannot do requests where the reader is DT's daughter or something like that. I forgot to mention this story was meant for romantic sort of stories. I'm sorry if you came here for that, but I'm not going to write those.

Warning: This story will be having some graphic things in it, and yes, I will be putting trigger warning on each chapter that has these things. Also, I would like to remind this story has RPF (Real Person Fanfiction) and some people are highly disturbed by this, the fact that I'm writing a story about a real person that is physically alive...

Anyways, have a great time!

Hi! Can I request for an Alec Hardy/Reader story? It's about the reader comforting Alec after the Sandbrook case and they make love afterwards (Angst then smut). What do you say?
I love reunion fics that go from sweet and loving to "omg i've missed you, take me right here on the console!" lmao.
I just watched The Politicians Husband for the first time and  I would love some kinky Aiden x reader smut
Bc if yes I would have a few request that could interest you
Rose takes the doctors sonic and hides it. The doctor chases her around the Tardis tickling her to tell him where it is.
Kurihunt0x0 Kurihunt0x0 Jan 18
Kilgrave x reader, the reader is found by kilgrave and cannot be controlled by him and the reader knows it. kilgrave is absolutely obsessed with the reader and tries to win over her heart