I'm Going To Be Frank About This ➳ Frerard

I'm Going To Be Frank About This ➳ Frerard

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gotta love the iero booty By zeelalife Updated Mar 20, 2016

Mikey Way is really protective about his older brother Gerard because Gerard likes to dress like a girl but still identifies as a boy. 

Mikey's best friend is called Frank but he's Gerard's age and he has a secret crush on Gerard. Mikey is afraid that Frank will ruin Gerard's innocence. 

Everyone in the book is seventeen except for Mikey who's fifteen. 

Cross dresser!Gerard.

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MindAboveMadness MindAboveMadness Nov 11, 2017
Am I the only one who sees this as Frank holding Gee out of the line of fire are Gerard desperately tries to get to Mikey's body?
Vicluvskells Vicluvskells Jul 29, 2017
I'm at a party but I just need to read this. I'm too anti social for Parties😂😂
When I wore eyeliner for the first time my mom watched me put it on and she said "wow you're better than me at putting on eyeliner." Then I said "I was born to be Emo"
Ferard353 Ferard353 Mar 06
Oh idk how they could tell??? Maybe the freakin smurf sized pockets
StraightForRyanRoss StraightForRyanRoss Dec 16, 2017
I'm imagining Gee quite easily, because his face is so gender neutral, and in my mind, he looks fab in a skirt.
Ferard353 Ferard353 Mar 06
Once i asked my non emo boy-friend (see the friend zone in there) and it was a party poisen pick and it where the ones where they were under that sheet thing and it was a gif and he was like “that lady looks drunk”