I'm Going To Be Frank About This ➳ Frerard

I'm Going To Be Frank About This ➳ Frerard

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gotta love the iero booty By zeelalife Updated Mar 20

Mikey Way is really protective about his older brother Gerard because Gerard likes to dress like a girl but still identifies as a boy. 

Mikey's best friend is called Frank but he's Gerard's age and he has a secret crush on Gerard. Mikey is afraid that Frank will ruin Gerard's innocence. 

Everyone in the book is seventeen except for Mikey who's fifteen. 

Cross dresser!Gerard.

It really looks like Gerard is bottoming in the GIF but Frank's under him
That was not what I pictured when I thought of sex on the beach in like a ferard book.
as in, I'm so pathetic and insecure that I feel hopelessly uncomfortable and exposed in a skirt yet he can do it
Than those classmates are asshats and I want to kill them all
Damn the only problem I'd have is that he can do winged eyeliner and I can't
why the hell does it even matter if a guy is wearing "girl's" jeans? he can do whatever the fūck he wants, unless he's breaking the law which I'm PRETTY SURE he isn't.