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My Library Boy

My Library Boy

9.1K Reads 335 Votes 1 Part Story
claudia. By Malfoy Completed

What do you do when you can't get a guy out of your head? You don't whinge and cry... you look for him. So, Chloe trys to find her Library Boy. But when she sees him again, will she think she has wasted her time looking for him?

poster48 poster48 May 27
i genuinely liked it :) great story ... would love to see more :)
IKR. You know What. I might ask permission for the author ti write a sequal about it.
vanold vanold Aug 08, 2016
Wait how is that the end?! That can't be the en!. It's just the beginning!!
louishaellick louishaellick Apr 04, 2016
Tнιѕ ѕтory ιѕ conғυѕιng вυт ιт ιѕ ιnтreѕтιng..тнe wrιтιng need тo pυт мore eғғorт..нow can тнe ѕтory нave only wнaт parт?ιѕ ιт ѕerιoυѕly over?conтιnυe
kamisthename kamisthename Jan 31, 2016
The librarian has a stick up her ass, I swear. She's so grumpy
Natalie1239 Natalie1239 Jul 14, 2015
Was that all?? 
                              It can't b?!?!?!?!?!?!? 
                              I need more plzzz!!