Forced To Marry The Alpha | COMPLETED

Forced To Marry The Alpha | COMPLETED

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Fifteen year old Adrianna--daughter of Alpha Christian Donovan--is forced to marry the alpha of their rival pack--Alpha Ryder Michaelson--in order to form an alliance between the two packs. 

When moved across the country to Ryder's home, Adrianna has a hell of a ride, ranging from finding her mate and almost dying from The Fever. As time progresses, Adrianna finds herself falling in love with her worst enemy--Ryder. 

But what will she do when she finds out the real reason he agreed to their arranged marriage? And how will she react? Will she be able to forgive him, or will she leave him?

Ranking: #439 in Werewolf (as of 4/26/16)

Walkingpsycho98 Walkingpsycho98 Jul 03, 2016
I get they're friends and stuff but let the child hug her father woman.
gabby8802 gabby8802 Apr 10, 2016
I love how his last name is hastings in the book and then she plays Spencer Hastings on pll
cupcakemaree cupcakemaree Dec 09, 2015
I'm literally proud of having the chance of making a cover for this book lolol (I'm in the process of it btw I just need to read it so the cover can fit the book more.)