Perfect Picture

Perfect Picture

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Grey By DefendTheUndefended Updated Jul 15

Naruto and Sasuke's pasts aren't what everyone thinks.

Heck Sasuke isn't what everyone thinks!

A long time ago when Minoto was Hokage two teens came to Konaha. 

A male who looked alot like the Hokage and a female with raven hair and dark eyes.

They where running from parts of their past and wanted a safe haven. Minoto, being who he is, let them stay.

They hid themselves and are now living like they never have before.

akaashit- akaashit- Aug 29
This is great ! There are just a few structure errors here and there , and it kind of made it hard to understand but. It's good never the less !
Awesome! To bad me and my brother were head-butting and rough-housing so I couldn't read as fast.
Simple, heal them so they won't die as soon as they hand the pair to the interrogation unit.
Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Mar 16
I burst out laughing when I read the name of the village you created idk if it was your intention for us readers to find the name amusing or not but I found it totally hilarious and I'm also totally loving what you have written so far ^^
AysaWolf AysaWolf Aug 21
No, the picture is bringing back memories..... And I don't want them right now
VI_Six VI_Six Dec 19, 2015
Wait....her first name is sasuke and sakura's name together and her last name is sakura's eye color....weird