Brothers Conflict

Brothers Conflict

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Their parents passed away nearly 5 years ago when their car crashed on their way to buy Christmas gifts for their kids. Ever since the incident James, the eldest out of the five brothers and one  sister, was put in charge of the family. But this family isn't just any ordinary family. They're werewolves. And their parents weren't just any regular werewolves, they were the Alpha King and the Luna Queen.  

So now their sons must share the title of Alpha King.

Luna is a shy, beautiful, smart girl. Her parents died when she was 10 years old. Before her parents' death, her brothers were already protective. But after the accident, the brothers became more possessive and protective towards her. They adored her with their whole life and cherished her. 

Even though they loved Luna with their whole heart, the young soon to be Alphas had to leave for Alpha Training for 2 years. 

When the new Alpha Kings finally comes back home from their training, they finally meet their mate. What will happen when they find out that their mate is their little sister? 
(Pictures of the brothers and Luna will be shown throughout the story)
James- 23 years old when his parents died.  28 years old now and 6'4" tall
Tyler- 22 years old when his parents died. 27 years old now and 6'3" tall
Alexander- 21 years old when his parents died. 26 years old now and 6 feet tall
Josh- 20 years old when his parents died. 25 years old now and 6'2" tall
Niko- 19 years old when his parents died. 24 years old now and 6'2" tall

(Do not read if you will get disgusted by the incest and very geographic scenes. They were mated to their little sister by the moon goddess. They didn't have a choice. So if you are brave enough go ahead and read. Just no hate or you will be reported and blocked.)

Must be nice. I have 11 older brothers 😂😱😭😭😭😭
MissFateX MissFateX Jun 26
I've been meaning to ask, but what do you use to make covers like this? It's really cool. :)
Hide and seek usually ends up with Wolves parent dying because they were trying to protect they kids from rouges
i_lluv_yuhh i_lluv_yuhh Apr 20
How can that kid have more sex appeal than me? *cries in a corner*
Need to get the ages right.  First u said she was like 4 now 10.  If this was 5 years ago from her being 13..... that makes her 8.  Just saying
Ugh that must be so horrible I can't even imagine oh the agony