I'm His;  ∞ Narry {COMPLETED}

I'm His; ∞ Narry {COMPLETED}

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Zayn & Liam Malik By Liambringspayne_ Completed

Niall Horan is my daddy, my master, my husband. 

I'm Harry Styles, daddy's good girl, and sometimes Kitten. It depends on his mood.

I never read a Narry book that made niall top. So this is new
Sam3tears Sam3tears Mar 02
Can't quite tell if this story will contain smut or not. 😂😂
Niall is my daddy, my master, my husband.
                              Crazy Fangirls be like
Lmao if there ever are directioners who don't completely like smut (YET), they soon will be changed and taken into the side with imaginary cookies and lads hitting each other's prostates
Uh, I have a weird question..........Will this story contain smut?
purinkenma purinkenma Jan 09
Daddy kink creeps me out a bit but I want to get through it for BOTTOM HARRY! Yeah baby!