all mine // muke

all mine // muke

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where luke is michael's innocent submissive and michael is luke's whipped dominant. 



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milkybags milkybags Dec 15, 2017
when i went to boston i wanted to get chipotle but the people i was staying with were like "no here we call it shitpotle its awful nobody eats it" AND IWA S LIKE BITCH I WANT MY BURRITO BOWL
YourFruitloop YourFruitloop Apr 24, 2017
Oh thank heavens. I've had it up to the ceiling for submissives have to ask for permission to speak
-archxngels -archxngels Jul 14, 2017
i read fourteen and twenty nine by accident and i was like wtf
Purest_Form Purest_Form Apr 04, 2017
Lowkey gonna imagine it as the hey everybody house
                              It's what I do with every fic
gumiiex gumiiex Jun 24, 2016
I went to Connecticut once and ppl made fun of me when I said 'wicked' like stfu swine
wallflowerjimin wallflowerjimin May 16, 2016
I really wish I could hear what a "New York" accent sounds like. Cause, as a New Yorker I can't hear one.