Broken [✔]

Broken [✔]

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"It's sad nobody ever knows how much someone is actually hurting... Someone right next to you could be completely broken and you wouldn't know."

Heaven Goho is a normal girl that is reserved and quiet. Somehow she gets the attention of Isaiah Nilsson. 

Isaiah Nilsson is the number one lacrosse player in school. His eye is caught by Heaven Goho. She is known at school more than she knows of. 

A/N: this is being rewritten, you can find the newer version on my profile

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...*sips tea* I have brown boring eyes mixed with that's life *flips through newspaper*
i am very reserve at school and almost everyone knows who i am and i dont even know them
I say that to my friends all the time right @GalaxySpookz @ILoveBandsx3
My eyes r blue with gold ......
                              But no one cares
                              K bye
harrystxe harrystxe Jul 18
I have green brown and blue eyes all mixed. I still don't like them. 😂
2nd I always pretend that I'm happy when I'm not I always give smiles to people when I'm hurting and sad , when I feel sad inside 
                              The people that smile the most are the ones that are the most sad