Broken [✔]

Broken [✔]

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"It's sad nobody ever knows how much someone is actually hurting... Someone right next to you could be completely broken and you wouldn't know."

Heaven Goho is a normal girl that is reserved and quiet. Somehow she gets the attention of Isaiah Nilsson. 

Isaiah Nilsson is the number one lacrosse player in school. His eye is caught by Heaven Goho. She is known at school more than she knows of. 

A/N: this is being rewritten, you can find the newer version on my profile

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_Seeking_Oblivion_ _Seeking_Oblivion_ Oct 31, 2017
That and also it's rare when people listening to you actually give a damn.
yusdyugandhar yusdyugandhar Dec 25, 2017
The gift of love,
                              the gift of Peace,
                              the gift of happiness,
                              may all these be yours
                              at this christmas.......... yours words are still gives an eco on my heart
                              🎄🎄🎅merry christmas🎅🎄🎄  #MerryChristmas2017  #ChristmasEve  #HappyChristmas
ThisIsAName11 ThisIsAName11 Oct 26, 2017
My family doesn’t know I’m depressed, I’ve cut, had suicidal thoughts and actions, but they don’t notice. I’m over it now. My life’s gotten better. But it’s funny how much a smile can hide :(
XxMissssyxX XxMissssyxX Jan 06
I gave up though.... And it's hard to end your life when you want to... Everything I tried fails... So I gave up and felt broken about everything...
Katsumi7Chan Katsumi7Chan Dec 21, 2017
2nd, because I feel like it's a sign of weakness when crying in front of others (for me). I also don't want to seem annoying or attention-seeking, so yeah...
belle_harrison belle_harrison Jul 19, 2017
i am very reserve at school and almost everyone knows who i am and i dont even know them