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[rogue #1 on the ChickLit HotList - 09.April.16] 
"You're a monster," She screams at him. " You know what, Finn? One day, everyone will have enough of your bullshit. They'll stop trying, they'll stop caring and you'll be alone. " 

He just stares down at her petite frame, no words are leaving his mouth. "I don't even know why I even bother anymore." She whispers and turns around, but suddenly he reaches out to hold her back.

His stormy green eyes shooting daggers through her head. "I told you that some things can't be fixed. I'm one of them."

With that, he walks away, even though he loves her with every broken piece of his shattered soul.

damnn introo
                              i cnt wait to read the whole book
                              seriously i wish i cn read the complete book by summer
Bihh_ItsNay Bihh_ItsNay Mar 23
....I legit just cried a river at almost 12am.... I need ice cream
The last paragraph of the introduction. This is some powerful combination of words right there. Good job. I cant wait to read the full book.
Amrak324 Amrak324 Mar 30
I love this strong start. I can't wait to see what else you have in store. :)))
I'm not even sure what's happening at this point, but that line just made my heart clench.
Double001 Double001 Mar 30
I really like the way you opened the story with the definition of rouge. Well done! Can't wait to read more and catch up! 
                              -Joyce Leonardo