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Harry Potter Imagines

Harry Potter Imagines

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Serena Chintalapati By SerenaChintalapati Updated 5 hours ago

Potterhead Imagines

Love4Losers28 Love4Losers28 3 days ago
                              3)Katie is Charlie's best friend while she lived in Romania. She comes to the Weasley's residency for a Christmas with Charlie's invitation and she falls in love with Bill.
shadowbat16 shadowbat16 4 days ago
Harry potter
                              Name-Bella malfoy 
                              She like Harry and draco hates it tries to keep them separated and she in Harry house and draco distance cousin
1. Draco
                              2. Mandisa (or Disa)
                              3. He tells me he's a deatheater and he's scared and I calm him down and we cuddle and fall asleep. (I'm a Slytherin btw)
Love4Losers28 Love4Losers28 Aug 12, 2016
1. James Sirius Potter
                              2.Katie Elizabeth Gooding(Gryffindor)
                              3.She is the shyest girl in the year and has never spoken to anyone in her year but she speaks to his younger sister, Lily. What happens when she comes to his house with a sleepover with his sister?
melomaniac_ melomaniac_ Oct 25, 2016
1. Fred Weasley
                              2. Emma
                              3. Emma is in ravenclaw and her and Fred have been dating since first year. They go to the burrow for Christmas and there is just fluff and general Weasley christmas atmosphere.
Grace934L Grace934L Aug 06, 2016
George weasley 
                              Ella Larson  (Ravenclaw )
                              Can you do one where it's the battle of hogwarts and before the battle was about to end she died he and george were dating.