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Bites & Bruises (ManxMan)

Bites & Bruises (ManxMan)

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A day dreamer and a night thinker. By howlingwolf Completed

A submissive vampire who doesn't like to kill, one would think that was nonsense yet Payton Brown is just that. He is searching for a home yet he soon gets more than he bargained for, especially when a psycho starts going round killing off his kind and he is forced to team up with an older, devilishly handsome man to take down the threat. 

His mate; Marius Black. The complete opposite to him, a brute, arrogant monster yet he's oh so sexy. 

Payton doesn't want to but he can't help but notice the instant attraction towards the older vampire, despite how cold Marius is. He wants to hate him but the more time they spend together, the more he finds himself under Marius' spell. It couldn't have come at a worser time, they are out for blood yet it seems love has come calling and it's taking no prisoners tonight.

Yass is it chocolate chip cookie dough because that's life(the one that's fair and love everybody)
MalexisSwerve MalexisSwerve Nov 23, 2016
Kol. So hot... Ughhhh so hot! Nathaniel Buzolic is bae. Just saying
Ericthedragon Ericthedragon Nov 10, 2016
What a presumptuous guy, just goes to a random house and goes to the nearest bedroom. :/
notme94 notme94 Aug 09, 2016
Can I just say, the name Marius Black is hella sexy! 😱😱
I_killed_a_man_ I_killed_a_man_ Nov 19, 2016
I have an amazing gaydar. I can tell if a someone is gay before they know they are gay
dosplitsonsatansdick dosplitsonsatansdick Aug 07, 2016
I just love that Marius has my uncle's name. Kill me now, pwease