Why? (Destiel Highschool/College/Coffee Shop AU)

Why? (Destiel Highschool/College/Coffee Shop AU)

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Team_Free_Will_SPN By MadisonLatella2 Updated Dec 30, 2016

Nerd!Cas and Bully!Dean

Castiel Novek and Dean Winchester were the best of friends, but Castiel did something to Dean that made him hate Castiel since 6th grade. Then Dean moves away and they meet again 4 years later in a coffee shop, they are both seniors in highschool at this point and will be graduating soon. what happens when dean doesn't remember much of the Castiel Novek, but Castiel remembers EVERYTHING of the beautiful Dean Winchester, what happens when they both go to the same college, what happens when their forced to be roommates??

Contains: child abuse, bullying abuse, harsh words, FLUFF, and MAYBE smut ;) 


CasnotCass CasnotCass Jan 09
I'm legit doing a pissy-John Watson smile rn... I'm scaring myself
red_styles red_styles Nov 28, 2016
Um being gay is awesomeness and rainbows and unicorns how could u hate that
Castiel_Jr Castiel_Jr 3 days ago
Nooooo Cas is a precious cinnamon roll, he's just a smol bean. 😭😭
CasnotCass CasnotCass Jan 09
I gasped so loud I swallow like the six gummy bears in my mouth
sonadora8 sonadora8 Nov 20, 2016
Ok I got the knife someone get a shovel so we can kill that homophobic bìtch
UsagiKuyani UsagiKuyani Oct 22, 2016
How is being in love bad? Stereotype people with stereotype thoughts (/'^'\ )