Scarlett (Naruto fanfic Series)

Scarlett (Naruto fanfic Series)

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PinkJinchuriki By PinkJinchuriki Updated Oct 09, 2016

Konoha Uzumaki , twin sister of Naruto Uzumaki , Daughter of fourth hokage and Kushina Uzumaki . 

Of course she didn't know any of this since she was dragged out of Konoha minutes after her parents death when she was born . She wasn't born with the ninetails like her younger by 4 minutes brother . No instead when she was three years old the two tails was sealed inside her . 

As if the bullying for her unique red hair weren't enough , when people found out she was the host of a tailed beast chaos went on her . Physical and mental abuse , not one friend , only her and her large blue cat she supposed . That was until the third Hokage found out where Konoha then resided  he requested for her to come back to the hidden leaf and it was granted .

She had always wondered about Konoha seeing she had an identical name , so that's why she was curious to go .

The Hidden leaf .


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AdamDunsmuir AdamDunsmuir Oct 20, 2015
This was the funniest chapter I've read great job can't wait for the next one
Dragonwarrior104 Dragonwarrior104 Oct 20, 2015
Ahahahahahahaaha. Just love how you ended it off 
                              Please update or I may cry (T~T)