Ascension: Birthright Book 1

Ascension: Birthright Book 1

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On the same night, Kita becomes the emissary for the Arconian nation and is drafted into the Legion of Yorq to apprentice to be the commander. Before the dawn of the next day, her family home is attacked and she, her commander, Angus, and bodyguard Zidin must escape the blazing castle. She journeys underground to the technologically advanced Legion's outposts to take command and discovers an ancient secret buried beneath Mount Razor.  

Best rank in Science Fiction #1 (18Feb2019), Action #2 (2Mar2019), Science #6(2Mar2019), Fantasy #7 (27Mar2019) OMP #1 (2Mar2019), FemaleMC #3(2Mar2019), and Kita #2 (2Mar2019).

Best Overall - The Pearl Awards
1st - LGBT+ Wattys, Eminence Awards, The Blue Rose Awards, Lilac Awards
2nd - Elimination Awards x 2, Rebel Awards, The Sanguine Awards
3rd - The Blue Rose Awards

"This is one well thought out book! Damn I love it! Everything just flows and every character is just unique..." --  @Aschrafie 

"AI, castles, knights, magical powers in the same story! And Finely yet solidly woven together at that! This is awesome!" -- @EmbracleImaginaryLJ10

"just looking at the cover made me want to read this. i am glad i did" -- blackdiamond121

"I already finished this once and now i am going to re-read it. Super amazing book." -- @MyruLace

"I helped judge the books in the Eminence Awards, and I found your book to be the best! I loved how your book hooked me to keep reading, and I had really connected with the main character. This is an amazing book, please keep writing!" -- @Rainbow_RavenX3


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