Killer | 5sos ot4 (Completed)

Killer | 5sos ot4 (Completed)

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SimpaticoLuke By SimpaticoLuke Completed

"Y-you killed him!" 

"He was going to take you all from me, he knew too much and I was going to lose you because of it." 

"You're a murderer, a cold-blooded murderer." 

"Serial killer more likely, but you three are going to keep this a secret. Do you understand?" 

Or where Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael are all in a relationship and Ashton kills anyone he deems as a threat to his boys. Events occur to lead the boys to find out about Ashton's killing spree but Ashton certainly isn't going to lose them spill his little secret. 


IrwinsDaddy IrwinsDaddy Oct 11
Damn he took protect the smol bean waaaayyy to far.....
                              I want to join *grabs a sword*
Lol every time I read a story that one of the boys kills someone it's always Ashton lol
lord forgive me for the things ive done, i was never meant to hurt no one. and i saw scars upon her, broken hearted lover.
okay that's true and why am i imagining a small child crying instead of this terrified teenager?
esme380 esme380 Aug 21
Am I the only one that touches their throat when I read or see something like this?
shitmichael shitmichael Aug 25