The Story of Katarina, the Saiyan Girl [DBZ Awards]

The Story of Katarina, the Saiyan Girl [DBZ Awards]

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Katarina ♡ By KatarinaTheSaiyan Completed

My name is Akari . Well my Saiyan name is Katarina and thats what I have lately been called... I am the twin sister of Goku, and I am a Saiyan. Many things have happened since I first knew I was a Saiyan. Like falling in love with the Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta, beating up a few bad guys, and learning that I am the most powerful Saiyan girl of them all!  Yeah, I am the only female Super Saiyan, and it is a big deal, I guess, if I knew what a Super Saiyan was that is.So get ready for some jokes, serious times, romance, and a few plot twists.  I will take you on a journey you may never forget! Well hopefully not forget anyway... or its a complete waste of my please enjoy my crazy life and sorta cool battle scenes. Major questions need to be answered...
Will I find my Prince? Will this be this the craziest adventure? Will any of my visions come true?

* I do not own Dragon Ball Z, or any of the Characters. I only own my story, character and some plot.Original plot of DBZ belongs to its respected owner. I also don't own some pictures, mostly google, and some of the songs. They all are owned by their respective owners.Thanks!*
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I bet it's vegeta or Raditz (giving raditz a chance, poor guy died a virgin XD)
I bet it's Vegeta or Raditz (giving raditz a chance, poor guy died a virgin)
I bet it's vegeta or Raditz (giving raditz a chance, poor guy died a virgin XD)
Espeon804 Espeon804 Feb 10, 2016
Question: Okay, so I know how Saiyan names are pubs of vegetables;
                              Kakarot - Carrot
                              Vegeta - VEGETAble
                              Nappa - A Chinese cabbage
                              Raditz - Radish
                              Gine - Some onion
                              Bardock - Burdocks
                              Broly - Broccoli
                              Paragus - Asparagus
                              So... What is "Katarina"?
NintendoNatalie NintendoNatalie Jan 31, 2016
I found this book on your profile and I've decided to start reading it!
                              Sounds very interesting already! 
                              Ps: I was totally in LOVE with Dragon Ball xD
Slowmara Slowmara Jun 21, 2016
Well at least the 'Prince' part was right. As for charming, well... the jury's still out on that.