Healing Landon (BoyxMan) (Mpreg)

Healing Landon (BoyxMan) (Mpreg)

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Landon was a lost 17 year old boy who ran away from a broken home at 13 years old. With his mom being drug addict and abusive and his dad being deceased, Landon had no choice to turn to the streets at such a young age.  He turned to prostitution for money and a abandoned building for a home. The only thing Landon knew was abuse, sex and money. That's until Carlisle walked into his life.

( Suck at descriptions sorry :(  BTW Before you read. This is a boyxboy story. Meaning there will be GAY love and and GAY love making so If you don't like don't read it. )

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Great. . . . .another story that is unedited and said to be “poorly written” hopefully it isn’t because I actually want to read this book 😅
I also love age gap. I don’t give a fück what others say but as long as one of the main characters is older than 16 then I’m perfectly fine, but I mostly go for stories where the main character is 19-20 years old and the other is 30-40 years old
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Que delícia! Achei um diamante! Esse clichê é quase raro.
Omg the cover picture is awesome how did u make it. Is it you in the picture or a friend or something I’m just curious lol sry if it’s weird.
The covers beautiful btw 
                              Does BTW mean by the way
                              Evrryone says i live under a rock so i dont know
I love MPreg! It’s so nice when the author writes it so that it sounds factual and flows with the story instead of made up and rushed — which of course it is but finding out that your pregnant a day after you’ve had unprotected sex is kinda irrational and well. . .impossible.