Healing Landon (BoyxMan) (Mpreg)

Healing Landon (BoyxMan) (Mpreg)

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Landon was a lost 17 year old boy who ran away from a broken home at 13 years old. With his mom being drug addict and abusive and his dad being deceased, Landon had no choice to turn to the streets at such a young age.  He turned to prostitution for money and a abandoned building for a home. The only thing Landon knew was abuse, sex and money. That's until Carlisle walked into his life.

( Suck at descriptions sorry :(  BTW Before you read. This is a boyxboy story. Meaning there will be GAY love and and GAY love making so If you don't like don't read it. )

  • adult
  • boyxboy
  • boyxman
  • gay
  • lgbt
  • love
  • mpreg
  • teenage
  • twins
  • vampire
Luddsig Luddsig Jan 23
I’m gonna cuss anyways When a character is a D, Cuz i am REBELLIOUS! VIVA LA REVOLUCION?
ImBaesPrincess ImBaesPrincess Dec 31, 2017
Honey I have a potty mouth so I may not be able to comment period, ppl are offended over wattpad comments but it's fiction 😐
Gurrrrrllllll, you have some talent👌👌. (This is my first time ever hearing about you and your stories, so sorry if you were a boy and I offended you.)
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Just wanted to tell u guys that im riding a rainbow that never ends
The age gap needs to be gappier. Bigger. Sorry This is REALLY cup of tea
Lolllllll everything here is my cup of tea. I'm a fangirl. Hi!!!!!