(HIATUS) Not As Easy As It Looks [Bumblebee x reader]

(HIATUS) Not As Easy As It Looks [Bumblebee x reader]

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BeautifulMadness111 By BeautifulMadness111 Updated Oct 03

Living in Texas with a father that invents for a living and with a younger sister that is about to graduate looks up to you, a high school graduate that's desperately looking for a job, is not as easy as it looks.

But after finding an old semi truck that turns out to be a transformers, and then leads you to another group of transformers with a camaro falling for you, The CIA forces chasing after you guys, and possibly the human race going extinct; yeah, things couldn't possibly get worse, can they?

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Bee! U have been a chick picker since u were born!
                              Nah it normal.
Love it and the song I'm listening too is an awesome son it's  called 'Dreaming with a broken heart' and it is awesome
Fried_Ice Fried_Ice Feb 20
I finally found one that goes along with The fourth Transformers movie, but I like how it flows and its a bit funny
The part where the reader punched the radio because it reminds about her encounter with the Camaro TOTALLY make me laugh my head off! XD