I'm In love with a BULLY (ManXMan) (Mpreg) (completed)

I'm In love with a BULLY (ManXMan) (Mpreg) (completed)

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Karlo By KarloChing123 Completed

A good rendition of love.

This book has a mature contents, make sure you're 18 and above. May SPG SCENES PO ITO! REMEMBER!

Please be reminded tha,t first read the one shot story of "BULLY" for further knowledge of the situation and circumstances. It's okay not to read, It's not necessary pero atleast may alam kayo don kung bakit ko ginawa tong mahaba. Hihi. Spread love! <3

Wala po itong kinalaman sa ibang versions of bullying. Always Remember.

This was requested.

So votes and comments are highly appreciated.


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oilensaxor oilensaxor Jan 22, 2017
what   awtttttttttttttttttttssssssssssssssssssss  good  lord   of  the  rings  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppppp  me  something something  ba  si  adrian   nyayayayayayayaya   pls  continue   karlo  love  it
oilensaxor oilensaxor Jan 22, 2017
huh  sya  na  itong  binigyan  ng  food  sya  pa  ang  galit  shonga  naman  ito  isang  hunghang  masakit  ka sa  bangs  lam  mo  ba  yun  adrian  hmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppppppp  it  seems  quite  good  for  a  start  karlo   think  am going  to  love  this  just  like mpl  hehehehehehehehe
devilisheart devilisheart Sep 26, 2016
abahhzhshdbuxjdd.... Pano ba naman lalake din ....😂😂😂