Falling For Him

Falling For Him

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Maria By Penguuiinn Updated Mar 31

"Stop staring at me! Do some work asshole" She snapped, turning around sharply. I jumped a little at her outburst and put my hand on my chest. 

"Fuck" I mumbled under my breath. 

Wait a minute... Did she call me an asshole?

I glared at her after realising she had indeed called me an asshole.

"What did you call me?" I walked towards her slowly. Her eyes widened as she took a step back. She backed away until her back hit a wall. She cursed under her breath before I trapped her against the wall. 

"What did you call me?" I repeated.

"A.. Asshole" she replied, looking away.

"Princess, you don't even know me"


Meet Elizabeth Cooper, the tomboy. She hates her full name so everyone calls her Beth. She hates girly stuff like make-up, dresses or the colour pink. She likes the colour blue. Guys drool at her sight but she is too busy studying to even notice anything.  She isn't a total nerd. Sometimes when she wants to, she can be a badass. 

Now meet Sam Henderson. A total badboy with a cocky attitude. He has girls falling for him and his British accent. He is a star player in soccer. He acts like a total jerk and is a player.

What happens when they cross paths? Will Sam take interest in her? Will he try to find out her secrets?

Will Elizabeth find a way to break down his walls and help him? 
Basically, I suck at descriptions so just read the book ;)

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