Lunar's Curse

Lunar's Curse

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Porcelain Cas By MoonlightSanity Completed

Supernatural. Odd. Crazy. Those are the words Myra Eva Lamia would use to describe her life. She has no knowledge of her parents and she lives with her crazy grandmother who mutters incoherent words all the time.

But she's far from the true kind of supernatural. Her life is anything but that...until two boys appear in her life.

Repulsed by one of them and trusting the other, Myra has no idea what she had gotten herself in. That is, until she is Taken into a world in which the inhabitants call Seul Âme. There, she is faced with the truth of her birth, the Lunar's Curse, and the horrors of human cattle. Trying to escape the horrid Realm, she meets a human boy trapped there by the name of Quatan Loy. 

Quatan is very familiar. In fact, he's similar in appearance to the dead lover of her great ancestor—the woman who was the first one to be cursed. Quatan and Myra attempt to find a way to escape Seul Âme before Myra's Seul Âme side takes over her for good and leaving her as a murderous monster.

Darkness lurks within each one of us... 

You just have to destroy it before it destroys you...
*Redo of Crazy Vampires* (WARNING: Not very well-written. Do not read if looking for deep characters and deep plot)

ButterflyingAway ButterflyingAway Sep 23, 2012
@MoonlightSanity mmm....okay. At least you admitted it so now I don't feel like I'm going on a grammar/plot hating rampage. :-)
MoonlightSanity MoonlightSanity Sep 23, 2012
@ButterflyingAway This is not one of my best series so... I'm glad I'm ending it soon anyways!! And I was in my "swearing phase" so I use to use a lot of profanity. I don't anymore!
ButterflyDoll ButterflyDoll Jun 02, 2012
This chapter seemed a little rush, but none the less it was great! This seems to be a new twist on a vampire stories. Over all this was a very well written chapter.
MoonlightSanity MoonlightSanity May 21, 2012
@His1st_Lt Oh God, sparklepires. xD I loathe Twilight but yeah, thanks. xD 'Lamia' actually is a monster in ancient legends.
AnnabelleSmithson AnnabelleSmithson May 21, 2012
I really Like the plot..It's great and Unique! The characters are Intresting too. There were No mistakes. This was really good and Realistic! Great work :D
MidnightStarz MidnightStarz May 20, 2012
I'm not the biggest fan of vampire stories cause it got ruined for me long time ago, however yours seem pretty unique. It was carefully thought out and well written. I also thought Myra was a definitely fun character:)