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Slice & Slash {Larry}

Slice & Slash {Larry}

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daddy's girl By mrs_horan_59 Updated Jun 27

Harry doesn't steal panties, no, he collects them. Every single one of his victims' panties are locked in a drawer, that only he knows about. All different colors, and sizes. They're like a prized possession for him, a memory, a /mark/. He doesn't choose his victims; rather, his victims choose him. He doesn't tell the women to be sluts, they decide that and their fate that follow those same events. He isn't heartless, he chooses the ones who he knows don't have a life - single, addicts, etc. It's really easy to get the women - main location, bars and clubs. Harry chooses them like you pick a flower; precise and with a gentle touch - that way they're both happy and nobody gets hurt.. besides the part where they end up /dead/.

Louis has heard of the man who's been going around killing women to steal their underwear. He's /especially/ scared because he's feminine himself, what if the man comes after him as well? He had nothing to worry about, until he met the man and didn't even know it was him.

{Was 'Panty Stealer'}

[Cover by @jakepatt]

silent-fart silent-fart Feb 27, 2016
That awkward moment when you're straight and you cringe when you read straight smut
dinahslilhoe dinahslilhoe Nov 15, 2016
okay I just want to say if I comment things it's not to be taken rudely it's usually about the character not the writing
- - May 03, 2016
I'm so excited for this book and tbh I hate it when people say ew too cause it is lowkey shade
PlumTreeMagic PlumTreeMagic Jul 27, 2016
@LouisTwinklinson this novel reminds me of one of your works.
tragicamour tragicamour Feb 06, 2016
When we say "ew" we don't say it at your writing or you tho . We say it to the characters. We all love and respect your writing .
MrWriter3931 MrWriter3931 Feb 04, 2016
Het....... I'll survive as long as I get Larry butt sex later