Demigods at Hogwarts ❤(Completed)

Demigods at Hogwarts ❤(Completed)

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Neeti Vakharia By Percabeth_22_ Completed

Well ... This takes place after the Giant war and the war with Voldemort. 


The title tells it all.

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JannaSc JannaSc Jun 29, 2017
WHY???? Why the fu** got Harry the Prophecy??? Don't get it!!! He doesn't have clairvoyance or sth like it...
-darlingdreamer- -darlingdreamer- Oct 03, 2017
Or maybe you're just insane, Harry. No one hears voices in their head.
RARAislife RARAislife Feb 23
she couldn't even wait till it was another generation of demigods who are y'know less powerful?
Wisegirl38 Wisegirl38 Apr 05
😂😂😂it’s a demigods at hogwarts and he says bog  house.
i thought that this happened after the wars so how will they defeat voldy and Gaea when they already beat them
ThatCluelessOne0 ThatCluelessOne0 May 07, 2017
"Just another prophecy" WHY U SO FREAKING CALM!!!!!! AND WHERE'S UR SASS!!!