Psychopath | √

Psychopath | √

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"Either, do what I say or die," he whispered wickedly, his gun pressed against my cheek.

I tried to escape his grip but it resulted in him pressing me harder against the wall.

I bit back a moan.

I was not supposed to like his closeness. For the sake of God he was a murderer. He was in the freaking mafia.

He was a psychopath.

According to Google a psychopath would be a person with abnormal or violent social behaviour.

But for Chanel Jarvis, a psychopath is Vitale Armanno DiFronzo- an Italian Mafia leader who enjoys torturing people to death but when when Chanel overheard him killing a person, he did the unexpected.

He made a deal.

And now, Chanel finds herself in a world of criminals, gangs and men in suit but she didn't expect the handsome Mafia to protect her.

yikes_diana yikes_diana 6 days ago
i do that all the time lol i swear imma get kidnapped one day
JojoMich88 JojoMich88 a day ago
And didn't your parents teach you about time ? Its f*cking morning !
milkshook milkshook 4 days ago
I saw a movie scene exactly just like this. But they were a bunch of cowboys 😍
                              The guy died tho.
zoe325 zoe325 4 days ago
Where is the annoying self conscious that almost every female lead seems to have when you need it?!
zoe325 zoe325 4 days ago
I'm glad you murderer is hot...smh...where are her survival instincts😂😂😂
wolf_nani wolf_nani 2 days ago
That just made me so uncomfortable. Head or tail, it just doesn't sound right. Heads or tails just flies off of the tongue better.