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"Either, do what I say or die," he whispered wickedly, his gun pressed against my cheek.

I tried to escape his grip but it resulted in him pressing me harder against the wall.

I bit back a moan.

I was not supposed to like his closeness. For the sake of God he was a murderer. He was in the freaking mafia.

He was a psychopath.

According to Google a psychopath would be a person with abnormal or violent social behaviour.

But for Chanel Jarvis, a psychopath is Vitale Armanno DiFronzo- an Italian Mafia leader who enjoys torturing people to death but when when Chanel overheard him killing a person, he did the unexpected.

He made a deal.

And now, Chanel finds herself in a world of criminals, gangs and men in suit but she didn't expect the handsome Mafia to protect her.

queeneirene queeneirene Nov 06
And well the coin just have head no tails so u will just died 😂😂😂 okay sorry
Your story is vet unique and creative in my opinion would love to collaborate, im new on this app but not being a writer in the process of proceeding to publish a book i have been writing. (hard book not on the internet or wattpad)
this type of antagonist is what makes a cliche story relatively interesting. bravo
I dont understand why Taylor swifts voice? Do you sound like her
Please :) Take some time and check up my poems and stories, you won't be disappointed! :)
                              I will also react to some of you :)
justicexl justicexl Nov 19
I thought like, this was some weirdo fantasy like "head you give me head" lol