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maya hope By plaintively Updated Aug 06

"Hey Nick can you get me a soda too?" a guy says behind me.



He slaps my arm and I turn around. "Woah, you're a girl."

I glare at him, and pull down my hood. "Pretty damn obvious now, ain't it?"

He says, "Sorry you just got the body of a gu-" I lean in closer and narrow my eyes.

"Say that again."

boyish /ˈbɔɪɪʃ/

of, like, or characteristic of a male child or young man | kelly's got such a boyish body, what a freak



AlyVerdes AlyVerdes Jul 07
when your body isnt perfect but someone out there has the same problems in the form of how comfortable they are with themselves to write a book about it.
- - Mar 20
Hello, author. You probably might not see this comment. Oh well.
                              I started this book because I have an especially boyish body. Tall, thinnish, broad shoulders, and a lot of stupid and unnescessary hair.
                              Thank you for making this book. I really look forward to it.
LaTwillie LaTwillie Mar 22
Yass, a story for the no-curve, flat chested, straight-back civilization of females!