Tainted Memories (Previously Titled: The Man He Once Loved) (BoyxBoy)

Tainted Memories (Previously Titled: The Man He Once Loved) (BoyxBoy)

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Rick G.H. By WhiteCoconut23 Updated Jan 01

(Book II / Sequel of Tainted Perfection)

At twenty-eight, Todd remains a single, but a sexually active young man. Over the past ten years, Todd has become someone very different from the innocent, naive boy he once was. Although he would never admit it, he never truly recovered from his break up with Tony. Instead, he threw himself into school and then work and ran from one meaningless relationship to the next. Perhaps, it wasn't puppy love after all, like his mum said.

Contented with nothing but meaningless sexual affairs, the bachelor accidentally stumbles upon the only man he had ever loved after an entire decade of being apart, bringing the love he had tried so desperately to push down and forget, back to the surface with a force he could barely contain. Will Todd take the oppurtunity to make things right and try to win back the love of his life or will he let go of the past and finally move on with his son and the new people he met along the way?

ChristinaPelayo ChristinaPelayo Jun 08, 2016
I like it. I know he'd bend when he meet tony again soon! Nyahahahaha
PrinceDel PrinceDel Jun 14, 2016
I miss innocent Toddy bear *cries uncontrollably* I want him back. I want him and Tony to make up and live happily ever after. I miss them together so much 😭
AnimusLight AnimusLight Jun 07, 2016
welp I never met old Todd but aye I like him.
                              I'm hooked to this chapter by Todd's interesting relationships. Like I wonder how Tony (I have the urge to say Bamanaboni after the name) will take this new Todd. It reminds me of some (yaoi) manga with this type of setup 👌
DangerousPuppy DangerousPuppy Apr 29, 2016
                              i cant believe hes such a fuckboy omg omg omg i cant even no
norabuttercup norabuttercup Jun 29, 2016
Why would some people skip THE BOY WHO LOVED HIM it was amazing omg !! Smh. Read it first, please. I'm so in love w that story.
CindyStrong CindyStrong May 29, 2016
Lol, i liked it, it was informative for me since i didn't read the first book and it had a pretty nice flow to it :), i rarely saw grammar errors and such so yass!!!!