Billionnaire's Ex-wife (editing)

Billionnaire's Ex-wife (editing)

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"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE." He yelled glaring at me. 

I couldn't help my tears. Why is he doing this? 

"Honey, Hunter please listen-" I started but he just cut me off.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT." He said taking a threatening steps toward me.
"You are so good." He said grabbing my arm harshly.
 I lowered my gaze. "I gave you everything." He said coldly. 
"And you go sleep around. And with my damn brother." He said which just made me angry.

"I did not cheat on you Hunter." I said loudly. "If you could just listen to me." I pleaded crying harder.

"Get your ass out of my house now!" He said dangerously.

"Hunter, please." I said putting my hand on his arm. "Hunter, I'm pre-" He cut me off again.

"Just get your things and leave." He said walking away.

Twenty years old Stella Simmons thought was happy, didn't think that someone would want to harm her. 
She was married to Hunter Knight, the only man she ever loved. Ignoring the fact that he was ten years her senior, she gave him everything. 

Everything wasn't enough apparently.

Be careful who you trust...


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Zquad121 Zquad121 Nov 11
i just stopped reading a book mid-way bc of how... wrongly it presented some things. i really hope this one doesn't disappoint me. Here's to hoping that it will be a wonderful book and lift my mood a bit
shalom7 shalom7 Nov 06
Why bother looking for courage? You pleaded with him and tried to tell him but he wouldn't give you the time of day. Now the onus is on him to find out. If he stumbles on it on the truth, good for him, if he never finds out, good riddance to bad rubbish 😊
Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, Jung Jungkook, BTS!!!!!
-SRTODD0SHiT- -SRTODD0SHiT- a day ago
AWWW!! I love babies and toddlers even though they can be annoying af sometimes..
Finna bet he has a fiance that'll go there and they'll get along and she'll be invited to the wedding and we she realizes hes the groom she finna b r e a k
-SRTODD0SHiT- -SRTODD0SHiT- a day ago
Well yeah of course but if his father is something horrible I think tf not..they deserve to get to know each other, it’s like half of his blood...