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Boxing Academy

Boxing Academy

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♥It's La Latina♥ By houston149 Updated Jul 25, 2016

My body ached as I swung for his stomach with a low hook.Sweat covered me, my breathing hard and my eyes trained on Calvin. He looked out of breath too, sweat trailing down his face as we both circled each other for the hundredth time. I went straight for him, sending a right hook to his jaw and another one to his abdomen. But just as I was going to hit his side his arm wrapped around my arm and brought me in, hugging me. I tried getting out of his hold, but it was no use.I turned accidently stepping on his foot, sending us both falling. He landed on top of me, his hands quickly catching himself. Our faces were only meer inches away but our eyes were trained on each others. We stared, our breathing matching each others.He broke our stare to look at my lips as I licked them.Then, he lowered his face down to mine until our lips met. My eyes closed as I fell into the kiss. Both of us oblivious to everyone else in the gym.


Jocelyn doesn't like to stand back and watch as someone talks and talks behind her back. To her, solving a problem with her firsts is a much better solution then doing the crap the teachers tell you to do, tell an adult. But when she's sent home, again, for fighting with another girl, her mother thinks the best thing to do is send her to a disciplinary school. 

Boxing Academy

Meeting the hot Prodigy, Calvin West, Jocelyn has something to look forward too. But being locked in with delinquents and teenagers with anger problems isn't exactly how she wanted to spend her senior year. Especially since she's required to try out for the annual boxing competition, where finally, she's actually allowed to hit someone.

Boxing, Love, and a crap load of fights

This senior year should be fun.

#420 in Teen Fiction 4/15/16

Trevboy600 Trevboy600 Dec 12, 2016
If she's that bad then why does she have a car. If my child got into fights every other day. They would not have the privilege of a vehicle
NsHtx001 NsHtx001 Jan 31, 2016
Tell him gurl! Haha :D "GURL" , why you gotta be so violent A?
houston149 houston149 Oct 29, 2015
Glad you got a chance to read it!! And hope your here for the next update!