The Lost Tarzan

The Lost Tarzan

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She is single and never had a single boyfriend in all of her twenty-four years of living.

However, fate has decided to change that fact of hers by sending her a man, literally. 

When six foot five man appeares in her backyard all of a sudden, hunting for cockroaches for his dinner by her bushes, she meddles right in, faintly shouting at the clueless man who just stares at her like she's a crazy cat lady.

With not much of a choice on her hands and the tiny winsy sympathy and humanity she has in her, Adelaide "Addy" Jacobs has no other choices but to take the man in her care for days which then turns to months.

Having no clue on how to take care of a clueless grown man in her care, Addy tries her best to fend for the man she calls Tarzan.

  • complicated
  • lost
  • love
  • romance
  • tarzan
- - Apr 29
And here I am, wondering how she managed to stand his breath
shayytwice shayytwice Oct 25
This motherf^cker can eat a roach just fine...but is scared of a cat🤔
- - Apr 29
I wouldn't rejoice until him and his willis and doodleberry were squeaky clean
Welp, now isn't that a great introduction to our Tarzan 😭😂
- - Apr 29
MM MM knowing me, I'd spray both the bug in his mouth and him with bug spray
DJohnson17 DJohnson17 Aug 04
Why not just put him in the shower that would've been easier..