The Warmest Solution (ChanBaek)

The Warmest Solution (ChanBaek)

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Wanderess By MsFireLights_ Completed

I thought you love seeing me cold, but I never thought that you're gonna be the one who's keeping me warm. - Byun Baekhyun 

What you've thought will always be wrong, because deep inside me I'd like keeping you warm. - Park Chanyeol 

This is Chanyeol's bright solution for Baekhyun's annoying habit of turning the heater to the highest level before going to bed, for he won't end up bare-chested and sweaty or waking up in the sofa again.

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Credits for: @FireLightus for the former book cover. Love lots~  :) ❤

Same I take them off be for sleeping of kick them off later in the night because I become uncomfortable
okaywillis okaywillis Oct 04, 2016
it was so sweet and cute and fluffy and just YAAAHAHAHAHAHSHHAHAHAHASSSDDSD
Capriey Capriey Jun 30, 2016
same baek same.. I always feel cold even tho the weather was hot..
Naruto_Uchiha Naruto_Uchiha Aug 21, 2016
It's okay I always wanted to be the lion king not lion queen dafuk