The Warmest Solution (ChanBaek)

The Warmest Solution (ChanBaek)

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Wanderess By MsFireLights_ Completed

I thought you love seeing me cold, but I never thought that you're gonna be the one who's keeping me warm. - Byun Baekhyun 

What you've thought will always be wrong, because deep inside me I'd like keeping you warm. - Park Chanyeol 

This is Chanyeol's bright solution for Baekhyun's annoying habit of turning the heater to the highest level before going to bed, for he won't end up bare-chested and sweaty or waking up in the sofa again.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Credits for: @FireLightus for the former book cover. Love lots~  :) ❤

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exogot7bangtanboys exogot7bangtanboys May 02, 2017
Same I take them off be for sleeping of kick them off later in the night because I become uncomfortable
AuthorKpop0608 AuthorKpop0608 Dec 08, 2017
Fact: Baekhyun always sleep with socks....
                              Information from: EXOBABY
- - Sep 07, 2017
No, and neither are u. He has fire powers that's why he doesn't get cold
okaywillis okaywillis Oct 04, 2016
it was so sweet and cute and fluffy and just YAAAHAHAHAHAHSHHAHAHAHASSSDDSD
Capriey Capriey Jun 30, 2016
same baek same.. I always feel cold even tho the weather was hot..
Naruto_Uchiha Naruto_Uchiha Aug 21, 2016
It's okay I always wanted to be the lion king not lion queen dafuk