Terrornuckel - Soulmates? (Slow Updates)

Terrornuckel - Soulmates? (Slow Updates)

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'16 World Champs By DarkDemonKiller Updated Dec 14, 2017

A big thank you to @emseetea for making me the cover. 

Brian - Terroriser
Brock - Moo Snuckel 

Summary: Everyone had a soul mate. They were born with a tattoo of the first thing their soul mate would say to them. Brock's said "hey I'm Brian.". Brian's said "Um hey. I'm Brock.". When you meet your soul mate, your tattoo disappears. Brock is now 17 years old and he hasn't met his soul mate yet. He is starting to think that he won't meet his soul mate at all.

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-Cheesecakes- -Cheesecakes- Mar 30, 2017
The funny thing is...
                              If the chapter is really long (or short) people always come to the assumption that the chapter is really short...
                              Once they finish, of course!
just_here_for_jokes just_here_for_jokes Mar 28, 2017
I just imagine jon's first word to Evan 
                              "Hey, do you think I can eat the candy wrap?"
DarkDemonKiller DarkDemonKiller Jan 28, 2016
I'm currently working on Chapter 2 now! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Sayrnn Sayrnn Apr 20, 2016
Just so you know I think that's pewds and mini by choles imagination you can correct if I'm wrong °^°
JustASimpleFox JustASimpleFox Aug 15, 2016
Hey, is it okay if I use your soul mate idea for a book I plan on writing. I'll give you credit for it.
4icecream496 4icecream496 Jan 28, 2016
I can't wait! I love this so far and I hope you can continue!
                              ~Internet Friend?