♥‡ Gratsu One Shot Request ‡♥

♥‡ Gratsu One Shot Request ‡♥

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🌹YEON🌹 By Doms_Knightwalker Updated Jan 07

So this is my first year anniversary on Wattpad (Its Oct. 30, 2014 when I join Wattpad)

I would like you to give you a chance to give me some GraTsu One Shot Request and I would gladly write a one shot story for you! ^_^

Here are some ides for Gratsu One shot Requests it could be Sad, Fluff, Lemon/Smut, Sweet, Death, and More

I don't write Natsu x Gray only Gray x Natsu stories

If you had a One shot requests You can comment it or Message me 

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima does.

Sorry for the wrong Grammars and Misspelled words English is not my first Language Filipino/Tagalog is.

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  • angst
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DJReagan DJReagan Dec 29, 2017
U should’ve done Mirajane Struass as The Queen Of Shippers (idk if I spelled her last name right..Srry)
FairyArinkes FairyArinkes Aug 22, 2017
                              Modern AU,
                              Gray has to go in the army to be a soldier in order. He and Natsu (The two were dating 3 years) didn't meet in 1 and a half year. Gray and his friend from the army (Erza or whoever you want) plans to do a surprise homecoming to surprise him. (I leave the rest on you :D)
Jaoxy40 Jaoxy40 Jul 24, 2016
Yehey!! Ngayon paa ako nakahanap na Pinoy o Pinay kagaya ko na may interest sa mga Yaoi, kasama na ang Gratsu!! :D
                              Okay lang yan kung ang iyong grammar at spelling sa English ay mayroong mga mali, at least nakagawa ka ng isang one shot o kuwento :DD
Thecrimsonscarf Thecrimsonscarf Sep 19, 2016
I don't see why this is too hard to understand for some people.
allybear10 allybear10 Nov 24, 2016
Yes!!since natsu is cute and adorable while I can't really imagine gray acting all cute when he's always kinda cold in a way and natsu is shorter which makes him adorable lol
Shonen_Girl_Jumper Shonen_Girl_Jumper Apr 26, 2016
I feel you man I don't like natsu as seme and gray as uke not my type 😠