Daddy's Cub (ManxBoy)(FatherxSon)

Daddy's Cub (ManxBoy)(FatherxSon)

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Thorne Kaylock By Superior_Magpie Updated Oct 12

In Gregor's eyes, Nate is the cutest cub to ever exist.

In Gregor's eyes, Nate is the most beautiful mate in the entire world.

In Gregor's eyes, Nate is a sexy tease who's desperate to loose his virginity.

In Gregor's eyes, Nate is his son...

Eeeek such a gorgeous specimen. *has googly eyes and goes gaga over Jackson Rathbone*
I've never read a book where he was picked as the main character and I like it because it's refreshing
Ew. I accidentally had a cup of beer before (why? I grabbed the cup which I thought was mine and I drank from it. It's so nasty and bitter) it has the worst aftertaste and smell ever
It just feels so incomplete without saying this with a 'y' at the end
I just realized that you had posted this... I'm wayyyy behind
Yukon12 Yukon12 Nov 12
My dad told me never to drink alcohol because I can chugg down a whole bottle of fresh coke